Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Helping Babies and Toddlers Adjust to the Fall Time Change

On Sunday November 2nd 2014 our clocks will once again fall back in most parts of the United States of America. We all love that extra hour in bed - yes? Well maybe before you had kids we didn't mind but now it is a different story! It can play havoc with their schedule. So, as we are a few weeks away we found some useful tips originally posted on BabySleepSite website to help you prepare in advance.

  1. Do nothing. If your baby is faily adaptable to change and is not sensitive to overtiredness, then you can simply do nothing at all! Take the time change in your stride. Keep your baby's normal schedule as much as possible. Click here to continue reading this.
  2. Tweak your child's schedule ahead of time. Click here to continue reading this.

We can offer a useful tool for parents - our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart. All kids love stickers and we developed this chart with the help of Sleep Coach Rebecca Michi. The chart focuses on the main areas of concern for parents at night-time and with consistent use can help you develop a healthy bedtime routine.  This can be a great motivational tool for kids to track their progress.

If you can offer any tips to others please feel free to comment.

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