Tuesday, April 3, 2012

71 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten

Looking around the web I often come across interesting articles which I think other parents would like to read to. This is one of them! Thanks to Jenae at I Can Teach My Child for this one.

Have you ever wondered what exactly your child needs to know before kindergarten? Here is a list based upon a Preschool Inventory given to children at the very end of our local Pre-Kindergarten program. I was looking through my old student-teaching notebook and came across this list (granted, it is six years old). It was used as both a guiding document as well as an assessment at the end of the year. I did not come up with this list.

Please keep in mind as you look over this list that kids learn best with hands-on experiences, not memorization or drill practice! These early years with our children should be about fostering a love to play, explore, and learn! Also, it is important to note that our children are all different and gifted in unique ways. Obviously, if your child has special needs, exceptionalities, or is delayed in a particular area, this won’t necessarily be relevant to your child. This is simply a guide…not something to stress about! Finally, all areas of development are of equal importance to young children! Gross motor and social development tasks are just as important as cognitive and pre-reading tasks at this age.

Have fun learning together through games and various experiences while still encouraging your child’s natural creativity!

Personal and Social Development
Approach to learning
Interactions wit Others
Conflict Resolution

Language and Literacy
Literature and Reading
Alphabet Knowledge

Mathematical Thinking
Patterns and Relationships
Number concept and operations
Geometry and spatial relations
Physical Development
Gross-Motor Skills
Fine-Motor Skills

The Arts
Creative Arts

To get more information about each skill, click here . Do you agree with this list?  Do you have any ideas? We would love to hear your opinions.