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The Victoria Chart Company Celebrates Its’ 10 Year Anniversary

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CLEARWATER, FL., July, 2014
 The Victoria Chart Company, a leading innovator in practical, easy to use reward charts for children announced they will celebrate 10 years in business on August 16th. To celebrate, all customers can use promo code "VCHART10" at checkout to get 10 percent off their order.

"We’re elated to celebrate this milestone," according to Victoria Ballard, Founder and CEO of The Victoria Chart Company. "From what started out as simply an idea for my own family has grown to help so many other families find an easy solution for their greatest challenges."

In 2002, when Ballard’s son was 18-months-old he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and doctors were unsure if he would ever be able to walk. So instead of thinking too much about what he wasn’t capable of, she decided she would find a way to motivate and encourage him to reach the potential she knew he had, using a positive, supportive approach.

A creative and conceptual thinker, Victoria used the skills she already had as a graphic designer to create dynamic reward charts that were easy for kids to understand and busy parents to integrate into their daily routines. As more and more parents started to request the charts for their families, Victoria was sure her idea was viable and shortly thereafter, The Victoria Chart Company was born.

With operations in both the U.K. and the U.S., The Victoria Chart Company offers a complete line of practical, easy to use, and engaging reward charts that help parents with challenges like potty training, sleeping through the night, and school readiness. All of the reward charts have bright colors, cute characters, a durable design and routines kids can easily understand.

Developed alongside child development experts, each product uses the Encourage & Praise® method to help parents take a positive approach to get results and the Kiddlies® range of characters, who just like ordinary children, have their own unique personalities, preferences, strengths and challenges.

In addition to their consumer line of reward charts, The Victoria Chart Company also collaborates with non-profit organizations, hospitals, and corporations to design custom made, branded charts to support the families in their care.

"Our parents want results and over the past decade, it’s incredible to see how our products have helped countless children reach their developmental milestones, gain confidence, and strengthen the family bond all at the same time," Ballard said.

"From the beginning, our goal was to create products that would help parents navigate the daily challenges of parenthood in a simple, effective way," Ballard said. "Now, as we look to the next 10 years, we will continue to develop solutions that help parents raise confident, healthy and happy kids."
About The Victoria Chart Company
The Victoria Chart Company was founded in 2004 by Victoria Ballard, after the single mom of two created an easy and fun way to motivate her special needs son to reach his full potential. The Victoria Chart Company products include practical, easy to use, and engaging reward chart sets with bright colors, kid-friendly characters and reusable stickers. Each package includes a step-by-step guide and expert tips to help parents every step of the way. Developed alongside child development experts, the product line uses proven tools and techniques parents can easily integrate into their busy lives. The Victoria Chart Company also creates custom-made, co-branded reward charts for the military and police, community organizations, hospitals, and corporations. For more information, visit
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