Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Steps to a Positive Bedtime Routine

The impact of poor sleep routines on children is a common topic of conversation.  

One of the most important tings a parent can do to help a child is to create a good bedtime routine - sleep is so important to the whole family . Without the adequate amount of sleep it has been shown that it affects a child's behavior, learning and concentration.It is therefore important, if you haven't already establish a bedtime routine for your toddler. When you follow a set routine every night, your child will quickly come to appreciate the consistency and predictability.

A typical bedtime routine will be something like this:
  1. Change into pajamas
  2. Bedtime drink
  3. Using the bathroom and brushing  teeth
  4. Bedtime story
  5. Getting into bed
This is every night, no matter where you are - consistency is key.

If your child has difficulty in settling at night then it is a great idea to use a reward chart - we have our Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart which enable children to receive stickers at night and in the morning when they have stayed in bed  all night. In 2013 our sleep chart was a National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA)  Honors winner, recognized for its support to parents wanting to create a bedtime routine.

The chart is fun, simple to use and brings great results for both parent and child. It is designed as a simple reward chart system using fun colored stickers to acknowledge successfully completed steps. A free printable Good Night, Sleep Tight certificate complements the chart and is available to download from The Victoria Chart Company's Facebook page.

The Victoria Chart Company's President and Founder Victoria Ballard says "We are at the forefront of knowing what parents struggle with, the pressures of modern day life can be very disruptive to the simplest of routines. Our Good Night, Sleep Tight chart with its supportive information sheet provides families with the necessary tool to create the all-important, regular bedtime routine for their child". To save 15% use coupon code VCHART15 at checkout at or for purchases in the USA and UK.

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