Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween treats can play tricks on children's teeth

It is getting close to that time of the year again. The time that many parents dread. Yes, Halloween is just a few weeks away. The time when kids go out into the streets knocking on doors in the hope for a sticky candy or two!  I am just as guilty as most parents. In previous years I have sent my kids off Trick or Treating and they have come back with enough candy to cover the whole dinning room table.

Many Dentists offer a buy back program offering cash for the candy. Does your dentist do this? Click here to find  a place near you that will buy back candy.

We found this article from DeltaDental which we thought we would share which offers tips for limiting the effects of sugar on teeth.
Halloween Candy

With the huge amount of  candy available at Halloween, parents often think more about dental health for their children but it should be a year round effort. Oral hygiene is so important to teach to a young child. The importance of flossing each day along with brushing for 2 minutes per day twice a day. These healthy habits and regular dental visits will help your children to take good care of their teeth.
How can we help? Our Add a Brilliant Smile tooth brushing chart supports this milestone by encouraging children to establish a great routine of regular brushing. Available from our website at VictoriaChartCompany.com  Order now from our website and we are including a 2 minute timer with each chart while supplies last! Please indicate which color you would like. (Pink, Blue or Yellow)
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