Saturday, November 29, 2014

Too Early for Potty Training?

Yes, there is such a thing as trying to potty train your child who is just not ready. Potty training when the child is too young can often leave a parent frustrated and the child confused. So how can you tell if your child is ready.  It is important to pick up on the signs from your child.

A great indication is if your child remains 'dry' for a couple of hours each day. Remember children also learn from you. Your child is likely to be paying attention to you when you use the bathroom.

It is also important to remember there is no actual 'right' age, it depends only on your child. It is however recommended to chose a good time to start potty training. When is it not a good time you may ask ? Times of stress for you and your child should be avoided such as during the arrival of a new baby or when moving to a new home.

Sometimes you may find that your child reacts well to a little motivation for taking the first steps from diapers to a potty. Our Ultimate Potty Training Chart has helped many families during this time and is available from our website at

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