Sunday, November 30, 2014

Discipline Without Using Words!

We know by now that children learn from their surroundings, and that includes the adults who are caring for them. They are like sponges taking it all in! This is great news as there is so much to learn in the world but it can also be bad too...A child can pick up on the body language of the parent.

If your child is displaying behavior that you disapprove your child will know without you even saying anything. Basic signs such as shaking of the head, wagging your finger, frowning  along with saying the words "No" are all body language signs that indicate that you are not happy with their behavior. Children pick up on this and it can be upsetting to some as they continually look to their parent or child minder for approval.

These are great lessons for your children to learn when they are young, disciple does not have to be physical. A fierce look or glare can often be enough to stop bad behavior in its tracks.

What have you tried with your toddler? Share with us

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