Monday, July 4, 2011

My Vacation Journal – A Teacher’s Dream Getting Kids To Enjoy Writing!

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The Victoria Chart Company, a leading UK developer of behavior and reward charts for kids, has created a fun way to keep your children busy during the summer break. 

Wondering what to do with all those special collectables that you gather during a vacation? Tickets, boarding cards, feathers, shells - all the bits that your kids must keep but end up all over your home or car! Now there is an answer. The Victoria Chart Company has produced a 20 page activity book which provides children with the perfect project for vacations.

‘My Vacation Journal’ encourages children to write, color, draw, stick, collect and eventually show what they have been doing during their time away from school. An activity that Teachers are calling out for! Inside the Journal there are seven days to write about their days events, a ‘Why not ...’ section suggesting fun things to try and do. Plus, there is a daily checklist for children to complete helping them understand the importance of sun protection especially important with the current heatwaves we’re experiencing.

“As a child I would often write daily accounts of my family vacations” says the Company’s Founder, Victoria Ballard, “and it is wonderful that I can now share them with my children. I want other families to benefit from these wonderful keepsakes that hold such memories”.

The My Vacation Journal (4yrs+) is available for $6.99 from The Victoria Chart Company also produces the My Big Star Chart (1yr+) which is an excellent tool for parents when used as a potty training chart.

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