Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to School!!

For Immediate Release

It’s been a fantastic Summer - family days out, picnics, camps, vacations, long sunny days, balmy summer evenings ... easy times!

Then all of a sudden it’s ... BACK TO SCHOOL!! 

However routines have gone out the window! Children need to get up and out of the door on time, they need early nights, parents are suddenly faced with the challenge of homework, planning meals and juggling school activities. On top of this, some children will be facing a change of school. All of these things, when added to the stress of modern family life, can lead to a lot of disruption.

One solution is to use a reward chart with your child.

The Victoria Chart Company’s “Encourage & Praise” range of reward charts help children and their families to get on track, bringing structure and routine to home life. Hung in an easy to view place, they provide a supportive tool for the whole family to work from. Children are excited to work to goals, to see their progress and feel good about their achievements. Their charts also help parents to approach discipline from a positive angle, something that can often be missed during pressured times.

The Company’s Founder, Victoria Ballard, an expert in the field of positive development in children, has been creating rewards charts for the last 7 years.

"Families find a lot of comfort using our charts, getting back into the regime of school life requires involvement from all members of the family, and our charts provide that focal point for all to work from", says Victoria. "They help children feel good about their progress, which, in turn, allows parents and care givers to feel pleased with their child's development. All of which leads to a calmer home life".

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