Friday, November 8, 2013

Helping Children To Cope With Change During Parental Separation

When marriage or partnerships break down it can be a stressful time for families, but particularly for children who have so many questions to ask such as “Where is my daddy?”, “When will I next see mummy?”, “Where will I stay at the weekend?”.

These uncertainties can be eased by using The Victoria Chart Company’s My Time Chart. This large, visual wall chart brings structure, routine and peace of mind to children and helps them to accept the changes that are taking place in their lives.

Victoria Ballard, the Company’s Founder, has herself been through divorce and she created a chart to help her children during their unsettled time. “My children had a lot of doubts and uncertainties, I needed to create something that addressed their questions and brought comfort from routine” explains Victoria. “It was important that my children continued to enjoy being children and not concern themselves with the decisions that my husband and I were making as their parents.”

So Victoria set about creating the My Time Chart. It allowed her children to easily see their time ahead, stay in touch with family members, understand how long it would take to get to certain points and yet see the good, fun things still happening in their lives.

The My Time Chart worked so well for Victoria and her children that she knew it would also help and support other families in the same sensitive situation. It comes with two coloured dry-wipe pens representing each carers time plus a supportive information sheet with tips and guidelines to help families move forward positively.

The My Time Chart is available to purchase for £9.50 from the range of award winning charts found on The Victoria Chart Company’s website

Currently only available in the UK.

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