Monday, April 29, 2013

Potty Training Using Reward Charts

Finally your child is ready to use the potty and leave the diapers behind. And as a parent or carer for a child you too should be ready to motivate your child for success and what a better way to do this than using a sticker chart which will help to encourage your child to use the potty. Using our NEW chart - The Ultimate Potty Training Chart_ will help you track your child's progress. Hanging the chart in a focal point in your house where everyone can see it.

For a child who is potty training receiving stickers each time they use the potty can be a great way to enourage and praise them, it maybe that you decide to buy a gift for them when they are fully potty trained- a new toy or maybe a picnic in the park. For a child of this age, stickers are often enough of a reward!. And each time your child uses the potty successfully, you can congratulate them and  select the sticker place it on the chart. Continue using this reward system to help you on the road to having ‘dry’ children.

Whether your child uses the grown-up toilet or happier on a potty, we believe that our latest dedicated  Potty Chart is fun and eye-catching and provides a central focus for both you and child to work from.  From encouraging your child to ask to use the potty through to completing the task with washing their hands, The Ultimate Potty Training Chart acknowledges these important steps with bright, eye-catching reusable stickers - appealing for any toddler to try their best.

In addition to the charts and stickers, we have provide a supportive information sheet highlighting ‘10 positive steps to successful potty training': these include how to plan for the task ahead, preparing your child, the importance of family involvement, key tips to using the chart and how to achieve the best results.

To purchase The Ultimate Potty Training chart click on the links below, and to receive 15% off use coupon code VCHART15. Once your child is fully Potty training we have prepared for you a FREE download of our  Potty Training Certificate which can be downloaded from our Facebook page at (USA) or (UK)

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