Monday, November 26, 2012

Sleep Workshops Prove to be a Huge Success with Parents

Our Good Night Sleep Tight chart is proving a great success supporting Dr Andrew Mayers highly successful sleep workshops currently held at Winton Primary School in Bournemouth, UK.  
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Our Good Night Sleep Tight chart plays an important role to help parents who have attended the workshop return home and create a focal point to start working from.  It gives a clear step by step instructions to build a healthy bedtime routine, and is accompanied by a supportive information sheet giving families tips and guidelines to get he most from their chart.

The sleep workshops are offered to parents who are struggling with poor bed time routines and broken nights sleep.  Both of which have a huge impact on all of the family the next day.

A typical workshop includes:
  • Introductions
  • Discussion group
  • Feedback question and answers
  • Academic presentation
  • School nurse – enuresis and diet
  • Access to parent support referrals
  • Reinforcement and positive behavior
  • Questions and close
Discussions are always varied but common concerns covered are:
  • Difficulty settling and refusing to go to bed
  • Climbing into parent's bed in the middle of the night
  • Nightmares and sleep terrors
  • Consequences of poor sleep: Tiredness, poor concentration, disruptive behavior, emotional problems and poor school performance
  • Problems evident at home and school
  • Poor daytime exercise, diet and technology in bedroom
Ways to resolve the problems are communicated:
  • How to create a structured routine, appropriate bedroom, control exercise and diet
  • How to communicate with your child
  • Importance of praise
  • Improve sleep hygiene
  • Reading and relaxation
  • Use structured behavioral method

Feedback from the Sleep Workshop is incredibly positive; with parents responding it has helped them to realise they are not alone, it has raised the question 'who has control?', highlighted the importance of positive praise and reward to acknowledge achievement.

Dr Mayers aim is to grow these Workshops nationally and build a centralized online sleep resource centre for parents.

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