Monday, March 19, 2012

Once upon a time .... with the Kiddlies

We love to encourage our children to read and make up stories, here is one we just had to share with you by Victoria's (Founder) son Joseph. Please remember that the story has been posted in its original manner and that there may be UK spellings and some small typos!

The Kiddlies
Joseph aged 9

Sam and Jake wondered around the park kicking twigs and stones along with them.

Jake was nine years old, a big football fan (Arsenal supporter) he had two half siblings Tom and Alice. He normally watched football and ate chips as a treat. Jakes father doesn’t have a role in Jakes life, but Jake gets on fine with his step-dad.

Sam was eight years old and had three siblings Jack, Emily and Lilly. He likes playing all sports. He is usually out with Jake playing football, though Sam does have a habit of gobbling energy bars all up before the next match.

‘You up for another match?’ laughed Jake bouncing the ball up and down madly!

‘NO WAY! I’ve already lost three matches!’ smiled Sam. Lilly and Daisy ran past Jake with lots of picked daisies.

Lilly was two years old and liked catching and keeping bunny rabbits, although Mum and Dad rarely let her keep them. She loved feeding her pet bunnies Jammy and carrots, carrots. Lilly is a daydreamer and she lives in a world of her own (Other wise known as land of bunnies, everything in her world is pink and fluffy)

Daisy was three years old and had two twins James and Mikey. She loves picking wild daisies with Lilly, whilst they were picking flowers she always liked to nibble shortcake biscuit. Daisy and Lilly were picking flowers and continuously add them onto their Daisy chain.

‘I wonder where Oliver has gone?’ thought Sam.

‘Don’t you remember he was taking Doggly for a walk wasn’t he,’ replied Jake, bouncing the ball.

‘I heard he went into apple tree forest!’ squeaked Lilly pointing at the forest.

‘Yes!’ screamed Sam, jumping up and down madly. ‘Time for an adventure!’ he yelled, waving his arms. ‘We could rescue him from hell!’ he screamed joyfully, the girls giggled.

‘Calm down, calm down!’ laughed Jake, ‘he should be back soon,’ said Jake. Just then a boy came running out of the trees.

‘Hey look it’s Oliver!’ said Daisy. Oliver ran over to Sam and Jake.

‘It’s Doggly he ran off into the woods!’ Oliver cried.

‘Adventure! Adventure!’ Sam screamed ‘okay, okay you girls stay right where you are,’ said Sam, running off into the woods the boys followed him.

Oliver was five years old and had no brothers or sisters. He LOVES his pet dog Doggly. When they go on walks together Oliver always brings some banana sandwiches. Ollie is a single child a bit of a loner. Oliver is always in his own world, he benefits from structure and routine. Oliver is always tidying up!

Jake and Oliver caught up with Sam who was running about the woods. Oliver spotted the dog perched by a tree digging a whole in the ground.

Doggly heard Sam’s footsteps, looked up and ran off again!

‘Oh no! Come back Doggly!’ shouted Oliver. Suddenly another boy appeared from the trees this was Jack.

Jack was six years old and he had three siblings. Sam, Emily and Lilly. Jack always liked playing with his toy rocket and usually carried around a packet of Haribo alien mix. Jack takes an intrest in everything, although he has poor movement and co-ordination but it never holds him back.

Jack ran and threw his ball at Doggly. Doggly stopped and played with the ball.

‘Yes!’ screamed Oliver running over to the dog and stroking him. ‘Yes! Thank you!’ cried Oliver, ‘you got Doggly back,’ he said.

Doggly was a kiddly brown dog (Dog colour) and loved his pet Oliver, he loved when he and his pet stopped and had a picnic and was loaded with banana sandwiches.

‘Thank you, thank you Jack!’ Cried Oliver when they all got out of the woods. So all the children went back home hoping for another adventure tomorrow! 

Maybe your children will be inspired to do similar? We would love to hear from you, just a paragraph or two would be great. Download the profiles the Kiddlies from our website or by clicking here and then choose which characters to write about. Email your stories to

Well done and thanks to Joseph for such a wonderful story which he is happy to share with YOU!

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